Giving Up Stuff!

I finished reading this blog post from Russell Thomas and sat there on my couch, scanning the corners of my living room and taking inventory of all of my own electronic rat's nests.  "Gross!" I thought to myself as this has long been a battle I've been losing.  So I turned to my trusty friend google to seek help in solving the problem.

My first search, computer cable organizers, returned over 2.5 Million results and I soon realized that this is obviously a global problem.

So I decided to dig a little deeper (knowing what my real problem was anyway).  "How to declutter your life?" was the first question I posed.  Then I got brave.  "How to simplify your life?"  Eventually, I came across this blog, The Minimalist Mom, and I finally felt like I hit the jackpot.

The Minimalist Mom's slogan at the forefront of her blog is what really resonated with me.  A rich life with less stuff.  This is a concept that I've been talking with Chris about for a few months now (I have yoga and, ironically, Russell's wife Heather to thank for that).  I made my first attempt at minimalism this past fall by clearing out my kitchen cupboards and donating half of my unused dishes and cutlery to a college student.  I thought to myself, "Why have 16 of everything when we NEVER have dinner parties?!"  Unfortunately, that was about as far as I made it but I have a sneaking suspicion that the entire journey that I am now embarking on may be a series of baby steps...especially where my husband (aka King Pack Rat) is concerned.

I had to propose this idea in such a way that Chris would be on board, supportive and maybe even participative.  I started by roughly tallying up all of the STUFF we could sell on Kijiji and Ebay and various other consignment stores and he liked the sound of the extra money he could make out of this.  Then...after work this evening he asks, as he's rummaging through one of many junk drawers in our house, "You know that big pack of playing cards I bought from Costco last time?  Do you have any idea where they are?"  Really?  Reeaalllly?!  That statement alone proves that we have a problem.  First of all, who buys playing cards in bulk when they go to Costco?  Oh, oh, and who would likely go buy another pack because he can't find the current ones he owns and he really, really needs them for lunch break tomorrow.  Yes, I feel like I just finished my interview for A&E's Hoarders but that's why I'm here...haha!

So while ideas and announcements were made all over facebook today about who was giving up what for the Lent season this year, I decided that I was going to give up STUFF...and laziness, too, but that's an entirely different post.  I'll be using The Minimalist Mom's website as my bible/instruction manual and I'll be keeping track of it all here so friends and family can call me on it.  So when Easter rolls around in 40 days, all of you should be able to visit my very simple, streamlined house with zen-like qualities that I know will make our lives better for the long haul...even if we are eating Easter dinner on paper plates!

Up Next: Project 1 - The Master Bedroom

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  1. OMG, I love this post! It made me smile. It made me laugh. And it filled me with serenity, knowing that we are not alone in our battle with stuff. Thanks Jennifer.