Helpful Hint: Reserve the Bedroom for Sleep & Sex Only

I watched an episode of Dr. Oz many moons ago and was thankful that I followed almost all of his tips for getting a restful night's sleep.  Anyone who knows me, also knows that I have NEVER had a problem sleeping...that was, of course, until Joleigh came into my life.

Realistically though, I can't blame the state of affairs of my bedroom on my dear daughter...although that would be really easy.  When Chris and I were married in 2007 (yep, five years this summer), we made the choice to remove the television, cell phones and other electronic distractions from our bedroom.  It has served us well and I was proud to say we still hadn't had a TV in our room until about August last month of pregnancy.  With my blood pressure rising, an increasingly sore tailbone that I could no longer sit on and an order of bedrest...I caved and proceeded to have a Criminal Minds marathon complete with a/c, pillows and blankets to get me through to the bitter end.

Unfortunately, nearly TWO years later, the stupid thing never left.  Until today that is!

The Minimalist Mom recommends going through your house one room at a time as a way to decrease your chances of getting overwhelmed.  I think that was my problem so many times before.  Have you ever decided you were going to "spring clean" and, at the end of the day, your house looked messier than when you started?  I vowed to focus only on our bedroom and attached bathroom and I did just that.  The TV is gone.  The cell phone chargers are gone.  The extra movie cases and Canadian Tire money and old Oil Barons game stubs have found new homes as well.  All that's left is our bed, our night tables, our dresser and the two electronic devices that we unfortunately cannot part with - the baby monitor and the alarm clock (I'm not sure which one I hate more).

I can already feel a small weight lifted off my shoulders when I walk in there and smell the fresh linens...and I'd be willing to bet the $131 American dollars that I found that I will be sleeping like a baby tonight with nothing but peace and love around me...not junk.

Disclaimer: To those who think sleeping like a baby means long, lavish hours of undisturbed sleep...think again...and don't have kids if you can't accept that.

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